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Continuous pursuit of differentiation and excellence

Leap Networks is a telecommunication systems engineering and systems integration company that provides high availability dedicated Telecommunication Networks Infrastructure for mission critical industrial environments and operationally demanding applications such as Oil & Gas, Mining, Petrochemical and Transport Industries.

About us

Our Happiness lies in the joy of our achievements and the thrill of our creative efforts

We leap into the future, capitalizing on our strengths, seizing opportunities, Establishing ourselves as the world’s leading telecom systems integrator and engineering solutions provider. Creating value for our customers, shareholders, community, vendors, and employees.

Our mission is to engineer, design and build telecom, information and security networks that meet our clients specific functional requirements considering the future technological trends in the most reliable, efficient, cost effective fashion adhering to the highest code of quality, safety standards and being environmentally conscious.

Integrity : We pursue our business with strength, honesty and trustworthiness
Respect : We respect our profession, our team members, our customers,    our vendors & business partners
Pride : We take great pride of our work
Trust : We earn our customers’ trust
Team Work : We work as a one team with our customers, our vendors and   business partners
Efficiency : We deliver our commitment in time with quality
Commitment : We honour our obligation and deliver upon our commitment
Responsibility : We address our customers’ concerns seriously and responsibly.

Our Projects

Completed with pride

Leap Networks has been Awarded Ma’aden Bauxite and Alumina Company (MBAC) …

Leap Networks has received the multimillion dollar contract for the telecommunication systems facilities and infrastructure for the Al Baitha Mine Infrastructure and Utilities Project Bauxite from Ma’aden Bauxite and Alumina Company (MBAC) in Saudi Arabia. Our …
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Leap Networks Secures Jazan Refinery and Terminal Project -KSA

Leap Networks has received the formal purchase order for the telecommunication systems package for the Jazan Refinery and Terminal Project Pkg-12 in Saudi Arabia by our esteemed client. The main EPC contractor has selected LEAP NETWORKS  …
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Leap Networks Secures RAPID Project

Leap Networks with its two Joint Venture partners in Malaysia has been appointed by a leading oil & gas operator of Malaysia as Nominated Telecommunication System Integrator for Refinery And Petrochemicals Integrated Development (RAPID) Project and its p…
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Passion to Create & Dedication to Innovate


Our capacity and expertise to support customers in developing the FEED and basic engineering for the telecom, Information …

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Engineering is our key competency. We have an established engineering department equipped with highly specialized systems engineer…

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Our established project management department has well certified & qualified Project Managers capable to deliver the lar…

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We have an established procurement department with high resourceful team. We source our equipment and materials globally through o…

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Our integration centre facility has the capacity to accommodate multiple projects simultaneously. The centre has equipped with …

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We deploy our field service engineers to perform the installation supervision and commissioning activities at project site. Our fi…

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We have the facilities and capabilities to provide full scale technical support to our customers to manage, maintain and ser..

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Strategic Solutions Lead to Success


Plant security networks infrastructure covers the following : CCTV Networks (Analogue & IP Networks) Access Control networks Fence intrusion detection networks  Hydraulic road blocker networks Under vehicle …
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Trunk Radio Networks covers analogue trunk radio networks (MPT1327,smartnet protocol) and Digital trunk radio networks(TETRA, DMR, P25) that utilizes standard protocol. TETRA Radio Networks is a modern standard for digital Priv…
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LAN Networks provides for the connection of computing devices that are closely located within a single location. Connecting more than one LAN over a telecom backbone infrastructure such as SDH, VSAT, MW, forms WAN Network.
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Understanding comes through Insights

We provide telecommunication, information and security Networks Infrastructure for Greenfield/Grass root projects and Brownfield projects , in the following industries :


Logic will bring you from A to Z.. Imagination will bring you every where

We are an ISO 14001:2015, 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 Certified Company.


The strength of the team is each individual member.The strength of each member is the team

Leap Networks offer an exciting career opportunities. We welcome talents of diverse backgrounds and cultures to join our teams. We believed that the prosperity and growth of our business depends on successfully developing an integrated, motivated and innovative team of employees. We treat employees fairly and with respect, reward employees fairly based on their ability, performance, contribution and experience.
If you are passionate about making a difference while pursuing a career, join us at Leap Networks for a better tomorrow.

Procurement Manager

The Procurement Manager is required to assist and support the Head of Procurement Department and to co-ordinate and interface within the department and other department to ensure work flows smoothly; Work closely with Logistics department to ensure smooth process of outward…
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Contact us

Efficient, Dynamic


    Office 407, Guardian Office Tower, Al Muroor Road, Dhafeer Street, P.O. Box 37855, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


    TEL: +971 2 622 2302 Ext. 600 FAX: +971 2 622 2304

    Email :-