IP Network is the telecommunication backbone network infrastructure that utilize full extent of the TCP/IP protocol suite. The term IP Networks and TCP/IP Networks are synonymous.

IP based Network uses a packet-switched architecture, in which data are broken up into smaller “packets”, with each packet containing a source address and destination address. IP packets are handed over to a data link layer protocol, such as Ethernet, for the actual, physical transmission to the next node in the network path.

While “IP” refers to the entire TCP/IP protocol suite, the term “IP layer” refers to just the network-to-network part, occupying layer 3 in the “protocol stack”.

IP Network is capable to transporting voice, data & video traffic around the network which means networks such as: CCTV, PAGA, access control, Telephone networks etc… can be implemented seamlessly using IP backbone network infrastructure. Fibre Optic cables and UTP cables are the main physical medium in transporting IP traffic.

MPLS technologies used to interconnect the multiple sites.  The  transmission may takes place over Fibre or Microwave or VSAT.